Why Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck?

We’re sure that you have heard of this superstition before – It is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. How did this come about? In some countries or cultures, black cats are believed to bring good luck or prosperity, but the widespread superstition is that black cats are harbingers of doom. Just […]

7 Recommended Humor Books for Cat Lovers

Cats bring us joy and we laugh everyday thanks to our fur friends. We decided to share with you 7 hilarious cat books that you need to read. They make great gifts for crazy cat lovers who appreciate hilarious insights into the feline nature. Click on the book titles to read reviews at Goodreads.com which […]

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Latch Hook for Beginners + Useful Tips

latch hook

Latch hooking is a simple weaving technique that involves using a special tool, called a latch hook, to knot short strands of yarn through a grid like fabric base. It couldn’t be easier—just loop a piece of yarn around the crook of the latch hook and thread the hooked end under one section of the […]

12 Meow-tastic Home Gifts Ideas For Cat Lovers

Girl with present

No idea what to get for that friend who loves cats? We thought of 12 cat inspired home décor ideas to help you start. With something as simple as a wall poster, night lamp, or a mug, it is sure to make their home look fun! Any of these would make a sweet and thoughtful […]

Top 5 Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owners

Scottish Fold Cat

Around the world, cats are a very popular choice as house pets. One of the advantages of owning cats is that they are low maintenance compared to other pets like dogs. Instead of buying a cat, visit your nearest shelter or nearest cat rescue group. There are lots of cats there hoping to find their […]